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Are you a creative? An innovator establishing a start-up? An entrepreneur looking to scale up your SME?

U-Law is for you!

Work alongside like-minded professionals in our vibrant coworking spaces. From private offices to coworking spaces to meeting rooms.
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3 key things to know as a start-up looking to recruit employees
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Who we are.

Catering exclusively to start-ups and SMEs, U-Law provides clear and expert legal advice and templates at pocket-friendly prices..

For SMEs

Top-tier legal support for business incorporations, compliance matters, a wide range of registrations and corporate advisory services.


Document Marketplace

A Document Marketplace offering concise and well-researched documents that can be purchased on-the-go as well as template agreements for a wide range of sectors.

Personal Consultation

One-on-one consulting sessions with our experienced lawyers.





Our U-Law membership offers unlimited access to our online platform so that we can provide you with the information, documentation and assistance required to meet your start-up’s business needs

* This offer will not apply to Premium documents in the Marketplace.


Work alongside like-minded professionals in our vibrant coworking spaces. From private offices to coworking spaces to meeting rooms, U-Law has a wide range of workspaces and informal rooms that will fit your needs.

Find a Solution

U-Law has been designed specifically for you, the emerging entrepreneur whose vision for long-term business success is built on a strong legal foundation. Let us help you get where you’re going; take advantage of our unique legal support offering today.

Talk to a Lawyer

Our U-Lawyers are here to help you find the solution that best suits your needs. For a one-on-one consultation or simply to make enquiries, please click the link below.

Compliance Calculator

Our complimentary Compliance Calculator will give you a glimpse into the status of your company. We want to help you ensure that your business is compliant and protected and our Compliance Calculator will help you ensure you have the right policies and procedures to protect your business and be compliant with the laws of Nigeria. Try our Compliance Calculator below.

From the U law blog.

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